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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

António Menezes Leitão's Recollections of Working with a Lisp Machine

This is another gem linked by Tayssir John Gabbour on the Paper page of ALU. Here, António describes his daily usage of a TI Explorer.
you had all the source code on your hands. You could see and modify the actual code used by the machine, compile it, and the machine would behave immediately according to your modifications. Your code was on exactly the same stand as the system code.
Again, I want to stress that you had all the code for this at your finger-tips. Really. Is nothing like having the sources of Linux. On the Explorers (and presumably on all the other Lisp Machines) when you wanted to see what was going on, you just need to hit the break key (or select a process from the processes inspector), look at the window debugger, point at some function, edit it, read its documentation, etc. You could also modify it, compile it, restart the computation from some point, etc. You could also look at the data-structures, inspect them, modify them, look at the class hierarchy, include some extra mixins to a class definition, compile them, restart, etc, etc.
And then, he has this great anecdote about being able to modify some Lisp program that he didn't have the source to:
I found a bug in one function of that tool. The bug occurred because the function was recursive (tail-recursive, actually) and we were using some very unusually deep class hierarchies and the stack blowed up. Note that there were no hard-limits on the stack size (AFAIK), but the system warned you when the stack reached some pre-defined limits. You could just tell the system to increase the stack size and continue the operation (really, it was just a sort of yes-or-no question, either abort or continue with a larger stack) but this was not very practical from the standpoint of the user of our software, so I decided to correct the bug. Meta-Control-w (If I remember correctly) and there I was looking at the marvelous window debugger, seeing the stack, the local variables, the objects, everything that I wanted. Note that the tool we were using _didn't_ come with sources. Of course, nothing prevented us to look at the disassembled code, so that's what I did. This disassembly was so clear, so documented, that I could generate a copy of the original function within minutes. Well, at least, it compiled to exactly the same code. With that copy, it was now very simple to convert it to an iterative loop, compile it again, restart it, and there it was, the knowledge representation tool resumed its working without any problems. It was like if the bug never happened.

Well, the moral is this: I can't imagine this story happening in
current operating systems.

I have to say, this mirrors my experience with my Symbolics, and I'm still a very naive user. It is incredible the amount of power and freedom you have in this kind of environment. As good as all of the Lisp implementations currently out there are, this is still a level above them. Even Lispworks has a ways to go to reach this kind of power.

I'd like to mention some of the other powerful features: a completely hyperspec'd online documentation system (so unfairly criticized by commenters on Lemonodor last week, not John, btw!), input and output that is fully aware of what types they are (McCLIM has this today, btw), and an overall high-level of cohesiveness between all of the tools on the machine. Nothing stands in your way, everything has been programmed to enhance the joy of writing Lisp code.


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