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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Trying to Grok Compiler Macros

Tayssir John Gabbour has been putting up some interesting links to some papers on the ALU site. One of them, Increasing Readability and Efficiency in Common Lisp by Antonio Menezes Leitao discussed some interesting uses of compiler macros. However, I was still pretty confused as to why one would use compiler macros instead of normal macros. Then I remembered that Tayssir also wrote up some lecture notes on lisp-user-meeting-amsterdam-april-2004, where Arthur Lemmens talked about compiler macros (lecture, demo). His lecture, although asture text (a good thing, btw) has a lot of great wisdom on when / how / why to use compiler macros. In particular, Arthur has this slide, which is the clearest explanation of compiler macros I've ever seen:
Only one reason to use compiler macros: speed.

Unlike normal macros, you shouldn't use compiler macros to
define syntactic extensions.

There are several reasons for this:

1. Technical: No guarantee that a compiler macro call is
ever expanded (similar to inline declarations).

2. Semantics: the goal of a compiler macro is to speed
up an existing function. A function has no access to
the program source in which it is used, so it can't
manipulate the program source. The effect of the
expanded compiler macro form should be the same as
the effect of the function, so it shouldn't do
anything that the function can't do.
After reading his slides, Section Compiler Macros of the HyperSpec finally made sense.

Thanks to Tayssir and Arthur! By the way, the other papers by Antonio Menezes Leitao (linked on the ALU site above) are also good reads. Highly recommended.


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