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Friday, July 29, 2005

w3m Customization

From watching Marco's slime movie yesterday, I noticed that he's using w3m for browsing HyperSpec pages from within Emacs. I've been doing that as well for about a year and found a couple of w3m settings that make it a bit nicer:

(setq w3m-symbol 'w3m-default-symbol)

w3m-symbol isn't set to w3m-default-symbol by default. With out of the box settings, HyperSpec pages get those weird box characters at the top of the page, as seen in Marcro's movie. That's caused by some encoding between character sets, as w3m is Japanese based software, so it's got Asian encodings set by default. Setting this to w3m-default-symbol makes it look nicer.

(setq w3m-key-binding 'info)

This sets the key bindings to match closer to what info-mode uses, which at least for me, my brain prefers to use from within Emacs. The other option for this is a Lynx mode setting, so you may want to try that if you're familiar with it.

Both of these are customizeable variables, so you don't need to actually setq them.

I find w3m to work really well for documenting Lisp. HyperSpec looks good, CLtL2 looks good, Practical Common Lisp looks good. It's real simple to use bookmarks in w3m, just hit 'a' and the page will be added, 'v' shows you the bookmarks, and 'e' allows you to edit the page w3m is viewing (including the bookmarks page). Bookmarks have decent organization to them and it's relatively easy to edit them to organize them better.


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